Snow Leopard Commando Unit (SLCU)

Snow Leopard Commando Unit (SLCU)

Home NationChina
Motto雪豹突击队 – ‘Dare to Win’
Date Founded1969.
Key StatisticsOrganisation and size: The SLCU consists of four squadrons with different responsibilities. It is speculated there are over 400 officers.

9th and 10th Squadron: Counter-terrorism.

11th Squadron: Obstacle removal, bomb disposal, anti-WMD Terrorism.

12th Squadron: Snipers.

Median Age: 22 years old

Requirements: Must have served in the People’s Police for one year before being selected.

Funding: N/A
Regimental RemitThe group are mostly used in counter-terrorism operations, riot control, solving hijackings, bomb disposal, reconnaissance, and hostage-rescue operations domestically and internationally.

The Unit are primarily based in Guangzhou. They are trained to operate in the snow-covered terrain of the Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau and are also known for conducting counter terrorism skills training sessions for border guarding in Kashgar, in northwestern China’s Xinjang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Combined with the now defunct Snow Leopard Liberation Unit, the combined units have served in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Sudan. The SLCU have been deployed specifically to Afghanistan and Iraq to protect diplomatic personnel “Panda Land”.
Noteworthy Operations2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, security responsibilities.

Quelling unrest in Xinjang among Muslim Uighur community.
Noteworthy Distinctions/ extra informationOperators are mainly ethnic Tibetans from Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Rumoured to kill their own soldiers to avoid them being captured.