Special Services Group

Special Services Group

Nickname: ‘Maroon Berets’

Home NationPakistan
Motto‘I am valiant’ (Translated from Urdu)
Date Founded23rd March 1956- Established as a battalion after being a special forces unit raised by the United States Army from 1953-1954.
Key StatisticsOrganisation and Size: Pakistani special forces have 10 battalions: 1st Commando Yildiram Battalion
2nd Commando Rahbar Battalion. 3rd Commando Powindah Battalion. 4th Commando Yalghar Battalion. 5th Commando Zarrar Battalion. 6th Commando Samsaam Battalion. 7th Commando Babrum Battalion. Each battalion consists of 700 men in four companies, with each company split into platoons and then into 10-man teams. Battalions are commanded by Lieutenant Colonels.

Plus two independent commando companies:
Musa Company – Formed in 1980 as anti-terrorist operations unit. Specializes in Amphibious Operations.
Zarrar Company – Specializes in Counter-terrorism.

Funding: Unknown

Diversity: Unknown
Regimental RemitThe SSG are based in Cherat, Pakistan.

They take part in foreign internal defence, reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism operations, unconventional warfare as well as search and rescue, counter-proliferation, search and destroy, hostage rescue, information operations, peacekeeping missions, psychological operations, security assistance and HVT manhunts.

The SSG have been active in the Kashmir Valley and tackling insurgencies within Pakistan. They have taken part in various counterterrorism operations including plane hijackings two school- related raids, including the hijacking of a school bus.
Internationally, the SSG have operated covertly in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union and since 2001 in counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan and adjacent areas, often working with the U.S Army’s Special Forces. In 2014 they reported successfully killing Adnan Gulshair, known as the Global Operations Chief of al-Qaeda.

In 2013 they were accused of various attacks on Indian soldiers in Kashmir. 
Noteworthy OperationsIndo-Pakistan War of 1965

Indo-Pakistan War of 1971

Involvement in Afghanistan

Siachen and Kargil War
Noteworthy Distinctions/ extra informationThe SSG’s operations are largely shrouded in secrecy but have been subjects in several fictionalised accounts in Pakistani films and general popular culture.