January: A small number of SAS counter-terrorism experts were among a rapid deployment team from the UK being flown to Algeria to offer advice to the Algerian forces and help British survivors of gas plant massacre (Mirror)

Later suggested David Cameron would offer training by British Special forces to Algeria as part of a new security partnership. (Bloomberg)

British soldiers would work alongside Algerians on a limited number of operations, but the chief focus would be on shared intelligence, border security and countering extremist propaganda. The aim will be to share best practice on security – increasing the exchange of information between security experts, on issues such as border and aviation security; counter improvised explosive devices; and tackling extremist ideology and propaganda. Cameron was frustrated by the Algerians’ unwillingness to seek western help or advice during the siege of the gas plant, although he acknowledges the Algerian government, given the number and armoury of the jihadists, faced no good option. (Guardian)