Shayetet 13 (S-13)

Shayetet 13 (Hebrew: שייטת 13; English: Flotilla 13) (S-13)

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Home NationIsrael
MottoAs the bat emerges from the darkness, as the blade cuts through with silence, as the grenade smashes in rage
Date Founded1948
Key StatisticsSize – 3 companies, approximately 300 personnel.

Funding: No available information 

Diversity: Combat roles in elite Israeli SOF are currently closed to women. After a September 2019 High Court petition demanding applications be opened to women, the Israeli government launched a pilot to integrate all-female tank units into the IDF. 
Regimental RemitSpecialism: S-13 specialises in maritime reconnaissance. It is trained in sea-to-land incursions, counter-terrorism, sabotage, maritime intelligence-gathering, maritime hostage rescue, and vessel boarding. However, it also conducts air and land-based missions. Where are they based: Atlit naval base Operating location(s): domestic and internationalOperates all over the world. 
Noteworthy OperationsS-13 has participated in every major Israeli conflict since its inception, including the Six-Day War, the War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, the 1982 Lebanon War, the Second Intifada, and the 2006 Lebanon War. 

Operation Bulmus 6, Egypt, July 19-20, 1969 – A raid on Green island, at the mouth of the Suez Canal, as part of the War of Attrition. 

Operation Spring of Youth, Lebanon, April 8-10 1973 – Raid in Beirut to eliminate 3 Fatah leaders as part of Operation Wrath of God. 

Assassination of Abu Jihad, Tunis, Tunisia, April 16, 1988 – The killing of Abu Jihad, the deputy of then Palestinian chief Yasser Arafat. 

The Assassination of Syrian General Muhammad Suleiman, Syria, August 2, 2008 – S-13 snipers shot and killed Suleiman from a yacht off the coast of Rimal al-Zahabiya, close to the city of Tartous. 

Operation Full Disclosure, Red Sea, March 31, 2014 – An operation to stop an Iranian attempt to transfer weapons to organisations in the Gaza Strip. S-13 operatives boarded an Iranian vessel in the Red Sea, successfully preventing the shipment from reaching its destination.
Any Scandals2000: Yedioth Ahroneth, an Israeli newspaper, published reports that a high proportion of S-13 veterans were suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. An IDF inquiry found that the most probable cause was the heavily polluted Kishon River, where the soldiers regularly conducted training exercises. A commission of inquiry failed to reach a verdict over the matter, and years of lawsuits by veterans and local fishermen were unsuccessful. A 2021 investigation found that toxic chemicals in the river were responsible, allowing all affected soldiers to be recognized as disabled veterans.

2018: Former S-13 commander Shai Brosh was implicated in a corrupt submarine deal between Israel and German arms manufacturer ThyssenKrupp. 
2021: Investigations into a series of training accidents found a number of command and professional errors responsible. An officer was removed from the unit as a result of the affair. 
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Noteworthy Distinctions/ extra informationS-13 operatives are sometimes called the “people of silence”.