Training of UKSF Only


2013: SF part of training exercise with Navy/Marines in Albania – Albanian Lion that then goes on to Djibouti.

Falkland Islands

Dec 2014/Jan 2015: ‘Invasion’ of the Falkland Islands by SBS “amid fears that Argentina may try to land commandos on one of the 700 small islands in a bid to claim sovereignty.” (Express)


2014, March: SBS mini-sub seen moored off of Gibraltar. (Mail)

Belize, Brunei, Malaysia

Ongoing training/selection: “Lessons on tradecraft, medical care, and hand-to-hand combat are also included. This segment is run in the hot, dense jungles of Brunei, Belize, or Malaysia.” (Wearethemighty, Ryan, Chris (2009). Fight to Win, p19)


Brecon Beacons – part of SAS selection. For those unaware, the “Fan Dance” is a 15-mile (24 km) load-bearing March, which takes place at the end of the first week of SF selection. The candidates climb “Pen y Fan” – the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons. Then descend the far side; known as “Jacob’s Ladder”. The rest of the route follows the old Roman road before going back on itself for the return leg. Candidates are given 4 hours 10 minutes to complete the route, regardless of the weather. The Fan Dance is the world’s oldest SF test and used as the first major indicator to show if a candidate has the physical and mental aptitude to complete the legendary SF Selection course. (SOF News)


One training area in Canada used by UKSF (Military Fitness Institute)