Unidad de Operaciones Especiales

Unidad de Operaciones Especiales
Home NationSpain
MottoEntra quien puede, no quien quiere” Enter those who can, not those who want
Date Founded1952, officially in 1967.
Key StatisticsOrganisation: Three groups that are subordinate to the Special Operations Command: 2nd Special Operations Group “Granada” (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales “Granada” II) disbanded in July 2020 to create the MOE Logisitc Unit (Unidad Logística MOE)

3rd Special Operations Group “Valencia” (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales “Valencia” III)

4th Special Operations Group “Tercio del Ampurdán” (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales “Tercio del Ampurdán” IV)

19th Special Operations Group “Maderal Oleaga” (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales “Maderal Oleaga” XIX)

Size: Approximately 900 in 2020

Diversity: Not available
Regimental RemitThe UOE was the elite special operations force of the Spanish Navy. It was absorbed in 2009 into the Special Naval Warfare Force ( Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial).
The UOE was tasked with Special Operations in maritime, coastal, and inland environments usually up to 50 km from the sea, though this was not a restriction and its teams were known to operate deep inland. The unit’s remit covered all aspects of modern Naval Special Warfare, including: Maritime Counter-Terrorism, ship boarding (MIO non-compliant), combat diving and swimming, coastal infiltration, airborne insertion, special reconnaissance, direct action, VIP protection and escort, and combat search and rescue (CSAR).
Noteworthy Operations1969- Evacuation of Spanish citizens from the former colony of Equatorial Guinea.
Deployment to former Yugoslavia as part of Spnish IFOR and SFOR contingents. 
Storming of North Korean vessel in the Indian Ocean that was transporting a shipment of SCUD missiles to Yemen. 

Undisclosed missions in the Middle East.