US Navy Seals / Seal Team 6 / DEVGRU

US Navy Seals / Seal Team 6 / DEVGRU
Home NationUnited States
Motto‘The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday’ ‘It Pays To Be A Winner’ ‘Never Out Of The Fight’
Date FoundedFormally founded in 1962 with roots in World War II.
Key StatisticsSize: General Seals: 2,450 active duty SEALs at this time. These are split between Teams 1,3,5 and 7 on the west coast at Coronado, CA and Teams 2,4,8 and 10 on the east coast at Little Creek, VA. There is also Navy Special Warfare Development Group or DEVGRU ( SEAL Team 6 ) at Dam Neck on the east coast. Navy Seals, or Team 6 have 1,787 personnel including 1,342 military personnel and 445 civilian personnel.

Diversity: Women were allowed to enter the Navy Seals from 2015, the first woman to successfully pass the training and selection was reported in July of 2021.

84% of the Navy Seal and SWCC enlisted troops are white, with 2% of African-American heritage. 
Regimental RemitThe United States Navy SEALS are the U.S Navy’s main special operations force specialised to conduct small-unit special operation missions in extreme terrains, capture or eliminate high-profile targets and gather intelligence behind enemy lines.

They operate extensively abroad.
Noteworthy OperationsGrenada, Iran-Iraq War, Panama, Persian Gulf War, Somalia intervention, Afghanistan, Iraq, Operations Enduring Freedom in the Philippines and the Horn of Africa, Death of Osama bin Laden
Any ScandalsWar Crimes–
Eddie Gallagher: retired Navy Seal officer was charged for war crimes and indiscriminate killings, most prominently the killing of 17 year old fighter for the Islamic State during the Battle for Mosul and taking a photo with the corpse. Gallagher threatened to kill other Seals if they reported his behaviour. He was found not guilty as his team member admitted to killing the teen and retired from the Seals with full military honours.

Seal Team 6: Navy Seal Team 6 has been accused of multiple war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq including indiscriminately killing civilians. Several complaints, including that from Afghan leader Hamid Karzai, who the Seals were instructed to protect, came forward that the Seals killed indiscriminately and could target civilians. During a hostage rescue mission Linda Norgrove, a British aid worker held captive by the Taliban, was killed by a grenade launched by a Seal.

Misconduct —
Drug Abuse: An internal Navy investigation found members of Seal Team 10 abused cocaine and other substances when stationed in Little Creek, Virginia. Six Seal members were found failing drug tests while cheating routine tests they termed ‘a joke’ and routinely spiking their drinks with cocaine and other illegal substances.

Seal Team 7: The Seal Team 7 platoon were removed from Iraq following allegations of drinking during an Independence Day celebration. There were further allegations of potential misconduct with service women. Three senior members were fired.

Hazing: Two members of the Navy Seals were investigated after Sergeant Logan Melgar was found dead of asphyxiation in the American embassy housing in Mali. Prosecutors alleged the cause of his death was a hazing incident gone awry.